It's not at all hopeless. We can win. But were going to have to act smarter and work harder

I don’t want to black pill post but at the same time we have to face our situation with open eyes and see it exactly as it is.
In mein kampf it mentions the importance of not diminishing the enemy in propaganda. If you create an image of the enemy as weak and frail, then when the enemy is confronted IRL, they are much more robust than the enemy that lived in the mind, it creates a demoralizing shock.

The situation is not good.
Only a few years ago i could never have imagined that the greater white positive sphere would have grown as much as it has, which is fucking wonderful.
But as we have recently seen, with the enemies ability to organize, draw resources, and motivate its operatives into action it is like a giraffe striding past an ant.

One of the key elements in the enemies ability to do this is that they have a central intelligence.
It may seem odd that seemingly otherwise troglodytes can use sloganeering like a 3d chess master in argumentative discourse.
This is because a central (high) intelligence have already predicted the reactions to the problems they create and, with the ability to draw resources, can disseminate effective bite sized responses to the useful idiots.

If we don’t find a way to create a white central intelligence with the ability to draw resources while maintaining the optics necessary to be able to attract more average thinkers we will continue to be the ant trying to keep up with the giraffe.

It’s not at all hopeless. We can win.
But were going to have to act smarter and work harder.