Jews Are Beginning to Realize That the Usual Tactics, Accusations of 'Racism', Something That Is Only Used Against Whites, No Longer Work

With the rise of ‘woke blacks’ such as Ice T, Nick Cannon and more recently Wiley speaking openly about Jewish power, Jews are beginning to realise that the usual tactics, accusations of ‘Racism’, something that is only used against whites, no longer work. The fact that both Ice T and Nick Cannon have been forced by their handlers to retract their statements, while Wiley has been visited by no less than twelve police officers, does Jews no favours in showing this power in action.

This recalls an important article by everyone’s favourite Kosher Jew and Auschwitz historian, David Cole. In this article Cole speaks about the Jewish tale of the Golem, a cautionary story about monster built by a rabbi who eventually became too strong for his handler and turned on his rabbi owner. Cole openly admits that Jews have played the largest role in the import of the third world into white nations with the hope of suppressing ‘white supremacy’, lest a new Hitler come for them.

Cole elaborates on how Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a perfect example of a golem which Jews have built up in America, who has grown too strong for her handlers, and is now using Jews’ own tactics against them. Cole reminds Jews that they should get over the holocaust and learn the lessons from their own stories, lest their own creations become too powerful for them to control.

This is exactly what blacks in America are at the moment, turning upon Jews, hyper-aware of who exactly played the largest part in slavery while pretending to be white. Blacks are the furious golem, free from their Levantine leash, and Yiddish yoke, and out of Semitic slavery. I say we leave their golems to it and make sure that the proverbial rabbi does not try to wriggle out of this one.