Mail Forwarding Services

States have admitted to making millions of dollars each year by selling your information off of your drivers license. Many states are doing this and once the others see how much these states are making it won’t be long before all 50 states will be selling this data

Why does this matter? This data can be bought by all sorts of people and you can be sure that this data will be put in a data brokers website at some point.

The solution here is to not list your home address on your drivers license. Some states will allow you to put a PO Box on the drivers license itself but then request your physical address in the paper work only. Check your states laws to learn more about that.

Another viable option is to subscribe to a mail forwarding service that offers locations in your area. Use that location and they will give you a physical address that you can use as your own. This will keep your real personal information private.

Here are some examples of providers of this service. I cannot vouch for any of them so do your own research here.