Marketing a Point

  1. Acquire Composition Knowledge. Know where certain elements in your work belongs in your poster/pamphlet/ads etc.

  2. Acquire the trend that corporations are currently using, mostly in design/aesthetics.

  3. Try to “Normalize” your message so you can blend in with the normal crowd without being called out as a weirdo.

  4. Try to look appealing as possible to those you want to spread the message. The viewer should expect to feel “safe” around your message. Meaning you live up to the same style and level of quality as other propaganda.

  5. Artist tends to also apply something that works in the psychological mind of the mass, although it requires a moderate amount of study for you to get good. It’s called “Semiotics” if you know how Semiotic works and how the structural though is applied here, then you can disregard this step, but I highly recommend that you also focus on semiotic values.