Most Conservatives Have a Lightswitch Brain When It Comes to Fascism and National Socialism

To them, anything that’s not unregulated capitalism and individualism is automatically “evil socialism” like communism. Therefore, you’ll see them say “Nazis and commies are the same” and they have eliminated all nuance by making such an oversimplified and inaccurate statement. Both National Socialism and Fascism respected private property and free market economics and did not seize your wealth and property at gunpoint, unlike communism. Unlike capitalism, government regulation existed so the economic system works to benefit the nation and its people as individuals and as members of their race, not a select few at the expense of others. For example, pornography was banned because it’s a business that lines its Jewish owners’ pockets with shekels via the sexual exploitation of women and children. But car manufacturers were allowed to become wealthy by making and selling cars, provided that no one in the process from making to selling is exploited. The nation and its race, not material wealth, come first, and if necessary, the government regulated the market by stimulating and inhibiting certain practices to maximize the market’s benefit to the nation and race. However, even under National Socialist regulations, German productivity was very high, because the German people were industrious, and usury, a parasitic business that benefits labor-less Jewish bankers at the expense of the German worker, was banned.

In fact, capitalism is much more like communism than either Fascism or National Socialism is, because both capitalism and communism are materialistic and disregard the well-being of the nation’s race and culture. Both empower an oligarchy of Jews, whether they are government officials, lobbyists, or private sector oligarchs, at the expense of the oppressed Gentile worker. Under communism, the state oppresses you, and under capitalism, the unregulated private sector oppresses you. Either way, you, your family, your race, and your culture are screwed over by Jews and materialism. Two sides of the same shekel.

What about individualism vs collectivism? Well, conservatives are also lightswitch brains when it comes to those topics. Anything that isn’t individualist and selfish is automatically “evil collectivist socialism” they say. Again, all nuance is removed when such simplistic statements are made. Capitalism encourages selfish marerialistic consumerist individualism with zero regard for race and culture. Communism is collectivist in the sense that everyone is equally a slave of the same government and there is zero room for individual decisions. But fascism and National Socialism are collectivist in the sense that individuals are part of their race and nation, and therefore, have a duty to use their individual abilities to benefit and advance the interests of their race and nation.

What about government power? Conservatives, and especially libertarians, are also lightswitch brains when it comes to government power. To them, “evil socialism” is when the government does stuff. You also cannot compare the Enabling Act to Red Terror. The Enabling Act gave the government just enough power to enforce German-first policies in all aspects of society to benefit the German race and save German civilization. Red Terror was completely totalitarian and used extreme power to oppress, enslave, and genocide its victims. There was no freedom under communism, but there was freedom under National Socialism, provided the people fulfilled their duties to their race. Under capitalism, freedom is heavily restricted by the power that rests in corporations and Marxist cancel culture, even under a severely limited powerless government.

In conclusion, capitalism and communism are not diametrically opposed. They are two sides of the same shekel. But National Socialism and fascism are together diametrically opposed to the cap/com shekel. In the US, we are fiscally capitalist with redistribution from Whites to nonwhites, and socially Marxist just like in the Weimar days. Only National Socialism can put an end to this. Conservatism is too capitalist, materialistic, anti-nationalist, and philosemitic to take down communism, which it professes to hate.