"Natural law is tooth and claw"

“Natural law is tooth and claw” is one of the most inaccurate tropes regurgitated among pagan circles over the past 50 years. Firstly, that’s not what natural law means. But, I want to examine the moral implications of this modern “might is right” inspired falsehood. We have historical examples our ancestors crafting crutches for the lame, adopting orphans and gifting food in times of famine. Might is right was clearly written by someone who enjoys the luxury of modern safety nets and didn’t understand the amount of cooperation required in the endless struggle against a harsh environment. Moreover, the aforementioned examples of effort put into protecting and caring for the weak among the folk clearly shows that these people were loved regardless of their weakness. Whereas a cruel, thieving or murderous individual would’ve been seen as spiritually rotten. The cause of this individualist outlaw mentality romanticizing brutality comes from a reaction to the altruistic masochism of bourgeois urbanites.