No Surf

The internet should be a tool.
We believe that the internet should be used as a tool to better our lives and empower us, rather than serve as a source of mindless distraction and shallow entertainment.

There is freedom in missing out.
We live in a world of excess and unending information. Every day our minds are battered by the storm of social media, fear mongering news, and mind numbing pop culture. In this world, intentionally missing out is better than experiencing it all and not knowing adds more to life than staying hyper-informed.

Real connection with real people.
It can be easy to mistake the likes we get, the comments we receive, and the daily friendly banter for meaningful connection with people, but they are only imitations of real social interaction. Real friendships are a multisensory experience, digital personas are just pixels on a screen.

Time is the most valuable resource we have.
If we reflect on the finite nature of our existence, one thing becomes clear: life is too short to spend staring at a screen all day. This means that every day we have to make a choice. We can choose to sacrifice the gift, so that we can scroll through social media, play videogames, and binge watch tv shows. Or we can choose to spend our time wisely. We can spend this time with the people that we love and care about. With the people that get neglected while we’re locked in our digital world. We can spend this time in the forgotten world of the outdoors, feeling the bright warmth of sunlight, and the cool dirt beneath our toes. We can spend this time alone, seeking insight about who we are and why we are here.

Focus, Memory, & Creativity.
In the modern world our focus, memory, and creativity hold more value than ever. We should not trade the abilities that have advanced humanity this far, for the common favors of skimming text, distracted multitasking, and shallow, unimpressive thought.

Creating more and consuming less.
We are not meant to sit by passively while others spoon feed us content for our entertainment and enjoyment. Deep down, our minds still crave the stimulation that comes with creating things. Let’s spend less time-consuming mindless content. Let’s spend more time building, learning, and mastering things.

We are mindful not mindless.
When we use the internet, we do so with clear intent and purpose. We maintain a conscious awareness of what we are doing at all times rather than operating out of instinctual habit. As such, we don’t mindlessly surf in response to boredom or loneliness, or due to the desire to procrastinate and distract ourselves from what’s in front of us.

Passion for life.
The screens in our lives can be the clouds that block the sun. They can dull and color our worlds gray. When we put them down our minds start to wake up. We shine for the first time in years.