Perfect Posture Videos Are NOT GOOD

In this video I’m discussing the most common myths about posture and pain and offering some more science-based solutions from expert evidence-based physical therapists.

4 common myths about posture are:

  1. Upright posture is good, and slouching is bad. In reality, rather than thinking about posture as good and bad, we should make an effort to vary our body positions throughout the day.

  2. If you fix your posture, you will fix your pain. In reality, the link between posture and pain is not well established in the scientific literature. Resistance training, regular cardio/walking and modifying tasks with a physical therapist until pain subsides are some of the better strategies.

  3. You can fix poor posture with simple 10 minute daily drills and stretches. In reality, progressive resistance training with a focus on getting stronger is more likely to improve your ability to deal with postural challenges.

  4. Bad posture is always a problem worth fixing. In reality, people who worry about their posture a lot, tend to experience and catastrophize pain more than those who do not. It simply may not be a problem worth fixing for you, and that’s okay.