Podcasting, Blogging, or Any Sort of Publishing

Over the past few years podcasting has become a thing, and a lot of people want to jump into it. If you plan on doing a podcast there are a few things you should know. Starting a podcast is very similar to starting blog, when it comes to looking at what makes it successful.

The initial idea might sound fun and exciting, with easy rewards, but this is farther from the truth than most people realize. The key to anything in publishing to be successful is the ability to attack and keep and audience, yet this is more complicated than it sounds. When people have this, they then have an ability to be influential, or make money through advertising.

While the average viewer only sees the content the publisher pushes, the viewer might not see all the groundwork a person has laid out to get their message to reach.

Before you start your own you should ask yourself these questions:

Is there an audience for your kind of program?

Do you have a clear goal in mind? i.e. for fun, influence, or money.

Do you have an approach?

I do see a small demographic who I figured would be interested in this kind of stuff. There are some problems when it does come to writing and publishing.

Potential Problems

Label and Name

I’m sure everyone can pick a cool name, but first you need to see if it’s available on what ever platform you are using. It’s also good to make sure you have a name that sticks in people heads.

Host or good material to bring on.

This depends entirely on the content you are pushing. If you are doing interview or product review, you need stuff to host or review. Even if you do a blog about something else you need to have material or content to cover.

Not being enjoyable to some other than you.

Some people are interested in stuff that no else cares about; this could be you.

Hosting and Distribution

Where will your stuff be hosted? How do you deliver to viewers what you’re trying to? What’s the target demographic you are trying to reach. If your content is to extreme or disliked, it could be deplatformed. It also depends what you want to do, if you like writing you start a blog, if you like filming YouTube might be better. There are also different features on platforms, that might not be that upfront, but will dictate a lot.


Do you have all you need? Do you need an editor, or do you need someone to handle graphics? Yes, there are people who put out way to much to be organized and look professional. But you do need to be professional enough, so people feel safe viewing it. This is just part of being presentable. If not, you get any audience. It’s good to make sure you have enough resources to look presentable.