Pointing out How Right Conspiracy Theorist Are

Has anyone ever noticed how the people who followed the rules, and where honors students, are now shooting up experimental drugs, while the kids who used to hang in smoke circle or social outcast are doing more research than people who think they are smarter than them?

It seems like conspiracy theorist have a record for making correct predictions, no matter how outlandish they might come off at times. While at the same time the news fails to make headlines that even relate to the stories, let alone go a week without retracting something they said.

This is common knowledge to a lot of people but having a shaky track record at reporting the truth, might be something to capitalize on.

But this isn’t just the case for news and conspiracy theories but look at other predictions and other life choices made by the right or left. They are more family and heath oriented. Right wingers also tend to pick better paying/higher in demand career choices. When it comes to market capitalizing, which only the average right winged investor does (very few left wings private investors aren’t good with market capitalizing.)

When it comes to mating right wingers are luckier. This is true for both male and female. Men are more attractive to traditional woman over feminist or thots. And female is more attractive to masculine men, with aggressive goals, than they are to a guy who fits the description of a Beta.

Now the biggest difference between an NPC and a Conspiracy theorist is where they get their information.

However, when it comes to make prediction and therefore decisions, it seems like the Conspiracy theorist have better luck.