Popular torrenting site YTS provides IP address logs to copyright lawyers to extort you with

The second largest torrent site in the world, YTS, is actively working with copyright infringement lawyers to extort cash from torrent downloaders. This isn’t the only historical instance of a torrent site storing IP addresses to be used against torrenters but it is a confirmation of a disturbing new precedent which may stand on shaky legal ground.

In the past, torrent sites like The Pirate Bay (TPB) have stored IP addresses and even given them up as a way to pinpoint original uploaders of certain torrents. There have also been instances where YTS has given up logs in court for ongoing cases against downloaders. :point_right:t3: The most recent revelation, though, is that YTS is also giving these logs to the Culpepper law firm in Hawaii so that Culpepper can send “Pay-Up-Or-Else Threats” to those that have used YTS, before a case is even filed. :point_left:t3:

That’s right… This time around, YTS is giving up the IP addresses and emails of downloaders to a copyright infringement lawyer who then turns around and tries to extort torrenters for cash settlements. TorrentFreak has been covering these revelations from YTS as part of an ongoing copyright infringement case against a US veteran. Now, TorrentFreak has seen a letter which confirms that torrenters using YTS are being caught up by what TorrentFreak calls “the most extraordinary business/legal arrangement ever witnessed in the piracy scene.” YTS provides the logs to Culpepper, who then sends the YTS user a threat of a case which can be settled for around $1,000.

:eyes: :point_right:t3: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/popular-torrenting-site-yts-provides-ip-address-logs-to-copyright-lawyers-to-extort-you-with/