Prestige Memeing

Can you use meme to help you be success and get laid? Sort of, but not the kind from forums and image boards. Now that I think…most of that stuff would probably hinder it. Anyway, this is seen a lot.

How many people spend money on things they don’t need to impress people who don’t even like them. People want prestige, because it makes everything in life easier, even getting laid. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, to get a credit card, spend it on shit to look good, and then you go out and show off. Everyone does this to some extent. No one wants to look like trash and be uncomfortable. Just like how in a job interview, we act and dress a certain way.

Why you think people pay so much for a shirt that says supreme on it, when you can buy a white t-shirt from Walmart, and print out an iron on and look just as cool. It’s because people just want to look cool. When there cool, they have an easier time in the game.