Pros and cons of using different masks

Surgical Mask Fluid barrier to capture respiratory droplots from user - Fits loosely, easier to breathe in - Affordable

N95 Mask Denser filter to prevent -95% of
particles sized 0.3 microns and below • Harder to breathe in of you find it easy
to breathe in, you are wearing it wrong) - Technically a respirator

Pitta Mask Usually used to filter out pollen and dust - Not useful at all in our current situation - You either look super cool or super stupid - Probably don’t wear in HK if you don’t want to get into trouble

Gas Mask If you use this one, you guarantee
safe from everything - can even stop toxic gas - A bit like bringing a tank to a
swordfight if you wear it in this situation - People might think you are a terrorist.
Or crazy. Or both.