Pushing Content

There are vast means to promoting a message aside from posters/pamphlets and other things of the sort but that would require money and dedication. You need to build a campaign and have supporters to fund it. Just look at Soros groups. How or why are they uprising with such efficiency? Because they have support and of course because they have money to back them up, but aside from that if you look at the patterns, they use to promote a message. It’s very well done and has the qualifications of reaching the mass quite easily.

Create small campaigns that tries to be clever and share it. Have a small crew and start doing those psyops on people on the streets or online, kind of like what the Democrats do when they try to be clever with those weird moral and feeling base question. Forcing people to accept their point of view as correct. Try to do something similar but paint your ideals on top of that. What is trendy today is being the victim, so if you play your cards correctly you can probably create a promotion based off of pity. Be organized, don’t just randomly spam messages Try to make your message centralized onto one thing. One message led to one organization. The organization would be up for you guys to create, essentially just a group of people that knows the truth, so lead people onto that path but first they need to be familiarized with the messages you are spreading.