Quantum Computing and What it Means

Most people hear of quantum computing, and all they know is that these are very power. They don’t really understand the implication of quantum computing.

This technology started in the 80’s and has kept on being developed. Basically, what it is these large computers use a frozen atom to write code on. Since these atoms are so small, they can make bigger and more powerful processor because of it. These computers are complex but can do more complicated equations. These make them great for code breaking and spying. They already did a test where they had one of these controlled the traffic lights, grid system of Seattle. This computer managed to make the traffic run more efficient.

These computers are also being use in the field of espionage as well. The NSA and CIA have look at these types of computers to give them an edge in the cyber espionage field.

Let’s be honest, there are ways to say zuckable stuff without getting banned. Besides people reporting, and things that are straight forward enough. Even the AIs they have scanning social medias, can’t pick up on most jokes, and sometimes these AI go after innocent users too. It could be possible that AIs using this type of computing power will be able to pick up on jokes and hidden meaning more easily.