Raid Network

Bigger social media accounts, have a much easier time pulling off a raid. However it could be done by networking other accounts. Someone requested I specifically go into depth on this technique.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is gather intel on the account you want to raid, and get an exploit on them. It could be something from their early life, or something funny that no one else knows about.

After that make sure you have a concrete way of sharing the data. And by that I mean a meme that you can share, showing a bad side of account. Something that will make people want to go after this account. Along with all that you’re also going to want to share a point of contact on the account you want to raid. For online raids, hyperlinks are the most common to share during a raid.

Take the meme and the data and share it with like minded people. Depending on what you find on them and who you share it to, it can change the impact of the raid.

Also remember an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

When raiding, there are many goals you can put forward, such as spamming an account, disinformation campaigns, even reporting content, but it’s really up to the imagination how you deal with accounts while raiding. Even making a fake account with a person identity, can be used to get the person raided on another platform.

Even if the information shared is false, it can still have a social and emotional impact on a person.