What is it? It’s when a person that has a large profile on social media asks his or her followers to attack and/or harass another profile. It means other stuff too, but let’s focus on this definition.

With the advent of social media, we started to see doxing become much prevalent. Another form of hacking that has been taking place is raiding.

Before we look at raiding, let’s look at what cyber warfare is.

Cyber warfare is something much more complex, than just coder code breaking. There’s to sides to hacking, sabotage and information collection. When it comes to sabotage attacks each successful attack has three tiers of effect: digital, physical, and emotional.

The first part of a hacker raid is getting through the digital tier. This can be done using code breaking, script kits, Weaponize Platforming, Osint, or even just a scrape attack. The second part is physical, which involves breaking machinery. The most famous version of this would be Stuxnet. The third tier is the emotional. This is just the result from the damaged material, or stollen information, that people feel afterwards.

A simple, over execrated, examples of this would be, a script kit owner does a DDS to an online business website. The servers fail, and so does the business. The owner falls into debt, rebuilding his system, and gets depression.

Doxxing and raid attacks, pretty much simplify the process. They both are easy ways to quickly trigger an emotional response from someone.