Raising a Son

Teach him how to hunt, clean, cook and grow his own food. To build his own home from the ground up. Show him early on there’s more to life than fancy gadgets and city living.

Realize he’s not a girl Wrestle with him. Do physical things with him-sport, yardwork, labor He’ll want to help when he’s little praise him for don’t keep him away to keep him sale or because he’s inconvenient By the time he’s like eight he’ll be done with helping". Then they’re chores. Teach him response bity by insisting the work gets done first, and then reward him by protecting his free time. Don’t let his mother bother him with endless tasks that eat up all his recreation have her save them up so they all get done at once. This requires both a spine and a good relationship with his mother keep him in physical activity Don’t force him to do YOUR favorite sport physical thing, let him pick what he does, but force him to stick with whatever he picks Don’t insist that he be the best, but insist that he work the hardest Grades? are irrelevant except as a reflection of effort and you are his judge he fails despite his efforts reward his efforts and give him the encouragement to pick himself back up to try again. But he fails from lack of effort, punish his lack of effort. He learn a useful or marketable skill Don’t pick one for him, let him pick, but insist that he picks one Computer repair Carpentry, auto mechanics, landscaping concrete or masonry welding whatever the skill doesn’t matter the personal development that comes from the pursuit of mastery is what matters. The fact that he will always have a backup trade he can fall back on no matter what profession he pursues, also matters Teach him to defend himself if you don’t know how you ought to fix that but at least send him to someone who does The character development that comes from knowing you have become competent at violence, and the discipline and responsibility that comes from not exercising that skill inappropriately, is important. This is getting long, but fuck This is important and I got shit to say