Reframing your Political Position to fix a Person’s Problem

Realize that the whenever you push any point of view, on anyone, the most important thing is to identify a problem that your audience has, that you can exploit. When you find a problem that someone has, and you change your argument to make it look like your political platform is the best solution. After you do this, you can then push more information. If you don’t focus on identifying and fixing your audience problems, then your just another bad politician.

“What’s Your Problem?”

This is another great question; not because of the reaction you get, but because the honest answer to that question could help with red pilling.

Now don’t get me wrong, going up to someone and asking them this question, can be award at times.

It always a good idea, to find a more indirect way to ask this question.

After you get an honest answer to this question, you then have an exploit. Fixing any problem can give you a chance to present your opinion in a more positive light. Or it can give you a chance to use this exploit to control or subvert someone more deeply.

All you need to do, is present your idea as a solution for their honest problems.

Now by “honest problem” I mean a problem that is real to this person, that you don’t have to present. Too many times the instigator will present the person with a problem, while almost simultaneously present their manipulative solution. This leads to an easy blow of cover.