Rough Guide to Checking Mental Health

How are you coping at School / University or Work

Thriving “I got this”

Calm and steady with minor mood fluctuations
Able to take things in stride
Consistent performance
Able to take feedback and to adjust to changes of plans
Able to focus
Able to communicate effectively
Normal sleep patterns and appetite

Surviving “Something isn’t right.”

Nervousness, sadness, Increased mood fluctuations
Inconsistent performance
More easily overwhelmed or irritated
Increased need for control and difficulty adjusting to changes
Trouble sleeping or eating
Activities and relationships you used to enjoy seem less interesting or even stressful
Muscle tension, low energy. headaches

Struggling “I can’t keep this up.”

Persistent fear, panic, anxiety, anger, pervasive sadness, hopelessness
Poor performance and difficulty making decisions or concentrating
Avoiding interaction with coworkers, family, and friends
Fatigue, aches and pains
Restless, disturbed sleep
Self-medicating with substances, food, or other numbing activities

In Crisis “I can’t survive this.”

Disabling distress and loss of function
Panic attacks Nightmares or flashbacks
Unable to fall or stay asleep
Intrusive thoughts
Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
Easily enraged or aggressive
Careless mistakes an inability to focus
Feeling numb, lost, or out of control
Withdraw from relationships
Dependence on substances, food, or other numbing activities to cope