Saving Western Civiliaztion

It’s come to my attention that the idea of saving Western civilization revolves around just being white. On other ideological spectrums, like the soft-right, their entire performance has been dedicated to resisting liberalism and testing the boundaries of the insane left.

However, neither of these two theatres of opposition are the correct way to handle the decadence of the West.
Ranting about jews, calling people racial slurs, and creating memes may grant you attention, but it will fade and be forgotten in a year’s time.

Acting like an imbecile obsessed with jews and skin color will not reward any sympathy.

A true Western, civilized man is not an edgy non-conformist or an anarchist. A truly civilized man first and foremost has a

If you are not a husband/father you are not a Western man, or a man at all. How can you demand the civilization to sacrifice for you when you can’t sacrifice for your wife or your children? Without children, there is nothing to pass on, there is no civilization to withhold.

A western man also has a

Christianity has been the backbone of European morality for over 1,500 years. While the events of the Bible took place in the Levant, 95% of all philosophical and doctrinal arguments were crafted in Europe. Catholicism is the beautification of the Almighty in a Roman thematic format. Orthodoxy is the awe of the Lord in the Greek and Slavic themes. Christianity is universal, but its foundation and soul is European. Not only has Europe made Christianity beautiful, but Christianity made Europe glorious. A true man has morality, order, and a law common with his neighbor that transcends tribalism.

A true western man is also

Whether you have a university degree is irrelevant. Being brainwashed and receiving a paper is not proof of your profound thought. A true western man READS. He is a self-made historian and geographer, a student of demographics, religion, and philosophy