Sexual Health in National Socialism

• Sexual health and the hereditary conditions of each individual is equally of paramount importance. In nature, each tribe requires that it bears healthy bodies to contribute to its effort of survival; if it does not, the tribe dies by eliminating itself. It is therefore the concern of the people that you, the individual, is healthy enough to contribute to the community when it comes to birthing children for the next generations to come.

• The future of the community is carried within the womb and one day, a body in your community will have to procreate with your offspring. It is the duty of the individual, and the concern of the people, that your Offspring be clean of disease and other burdens that effects the communities cohesiveness.

• The activities one does behind one’s door is a private matter and will remain rightly between the witnesses of God and the two participants, however if any activities effect the nation such as Cross-race procreation, the community has the right to remove the participants from the community.

• Sexual health is also to be evaluated upon the visit of a doctor, again by the use of a stamp in a health booklet that remains private between the individual and the state.