Small Piece of Technical Advice

  1. If you’re ever caught without a ruler, improvise with a dollar bill: It’s about 6 1/8" long.
  2. Spritz thread ends with hairspray to stiffen them for easier needle-threading
  3. Keep a small magnet in your sewing basket; it’s handy for rounding up wayward pins or dropped needles
  4. When sending directions to visitors, attach a picture of your house to make it easier for them to find
  5. Before you take something apart to fix it, take a digital photo of it so you’ll know how it goes back together
  6. Unstick stacked glasses by pouring cold water into the inner one and then placing both glasses in warm water for a minute or two
  7. To speed the flow of ketchup, insert a plastic drinking straw into the bottle, then remove it.
  8. Before pouring honey into a cup or measuring spoon, coat the tools with a few drops of cooking oil so the honey will slide out more easily
  9. Use an automobile snow brush to get at crumbs and dust under the fridge.
  10. To remove stubborn rubber gloves, hold hands under cold water for a few seconds and the gloves will slide right oft.
  11. Wash windows horizontally on the inside and vertically on the outside. If they streak you’ll know which side to redo
  12. Clean narrow, stained bottles and vases by filling with water and dropping in a tablet of denture cleaner
  13. Add a few drops of baby oil to the bath water to help prevent bathtub ring
  14. Rake leaves when they’re dry, wet ones can weigh almost twice as much
  15. When you make a date, write the persons name and phone number in your calendar so you
  16. If you plant flower beds in a diamond pattern rather than straight rows they’ll look fuller faster
  17. Remove salt stains from leather shoes by wiping with a clean cloth dipped in a solution of one tablespoon vinegar to one cup water
  18. Unstick a zipper by rubbing a pencil along it the graphite lubricates the teeth
  19. Rub glassware with a cloth dipped in toothpaste to remove small scratches
  20. Rub bathroom mirrors with shaving cream and wipe off with a soft cloth to cut down on post-shower fogging
  21. You’ll get more juice out of oranges and lemons if you roll the fruit firmly on the counter a few times before cutting and squeezing
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  22. Did you overbake the cookies? Store them in an airtight container for a day and they’ll start to soften
  23. Put unwrapped soap bars or fabric softener sheets in drawers, suitcases and storage boxes to get rid of musty and stale odors
  24. Keep a dripping faucet from driving you crazy by tying a string around the end of the spout (long enough to reach the drain) Until you can fix the faucet, the water will flow down the string silently instead of dripping
  25. To remove gum from hair cover it with peanut butter or petroleum jelly, it will slide off without much tugging
  26. Deodorize sneakers by shaking baking soda into them and letting them sit for a day
  27. Freshen pillows by putting them in the dryer on a low setting for about 10 minutes
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  28. To remove wax from candlesticks, freeze them for about 20 minutes The wax will chip right off
  29. Remove stubborn price stickers by warming the glue: Move a blow dryer set on low slowly over the spot
  30. To remove strong garlic odors from hands, rub them on a stainless steel surface. such as the kitchen faucet