Smoke Gernade

For Educational Use Only

Potassium Nitrate (finely ground) Sugar Baking soda Cannon fuse (2 second/inch) matchbox sealable Monster drink can or large plastic container with lid saucepan/heat source duct tape centerpunch or screwdriver

Optional: food coloring powder (baking supply or concentrated wasabi powder ( sulfur powder

Cut a good 3 to 4 inches of cannon fuse. Keep nearby. Mix 40% sugar to 60% potassium nitrate with a teaspoon of baking soda to every 2 cups of mix. Add to saucepan, Heat VERY gently, increasing the heat slowly. Mix constantly. Mixture will begin to clump, then spots will begin to brown.

When it reduces to a consistency of pancake batter, remove from heat. Carefully pour into your selected shell until it is 9/10s full. Wipe excess away from shell if mixture rises over the edge. Add your fuse SO 1/2 of it is above the level of the mixture. Allow to cool and harden.

Punch a hole through the middle of your can/container lid. thread fuse through and secure the lid. You can hot glue around the fuse and around the lid to seal it against humidity.

Lay a strip of duct tape out and evenly space 5 wooden matches about 1mm apart. Tightly wrap around the cannon fuse so that the match tips surround the end of the fuse. Apply a butt ton of duct tape, securing the match fuse assembly to the shell in a conical formation, careful to leave the match heads exposed. This is to stabilize, strenthen, and weatherproof it to a degree

Fold a strip of the matchbox with the strikeface so that it resembles an angular U shape. Place tightly around the match head/fuse assembly and tape it up completely so that there is no gaps within the cardboard tab you just made. The tab should not fall off when rolled upside down, but come off when pulled on. (DO NOT DO THIS) Add a safety system by adding a rubber band or fastening a single piece of electrical tape over the pull-tab to the main shell.

The pull tab fuse is NOT weatherproof, so keep it dry. And a year or so in humid weather ill probably mean you need to replace the matches and tape, but the cannon fuse and the rest is sealed and should be okay.

Colored Smoke Grenade: Make your mix 60% potassium nitrate, 30% sugar, and 10% powdered food coloring

For Educational Use Only. Do not Try

Irritant Gas grenade: Make your mix 50% potassium nitrate, 30% sugar, and 20% concentrated wasabi powder.

Poison-Gas Grenade: Make your mix 60% potassium nitrate and 40% sulfur. Add no baking soda. WARNING. this mixture produces very high levels of pure hydrogen sulfide gas, which is quickly lethal in enclosed spaces.