Statement From Patriotic Alternative About UK's June 10th 2020 Protests

Statement on this UK’s June 10th 2020 Protests:

The attacks on British War Memorials and statues are appalling and are clearly part of the vicious anti-white agenda being pushed by Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa and those in the media who support these actions.

Patriotic Alternative condemns those people attacking our War Memorials and has suggested robust yet sensible policies to deal with them. In the case of those from ethnic minority backgrounds who hate Britain and its past, if this is how they feel, then they should find somewhere else to live.

Patriotic Alternative also supports grass roots community responses to those attempting to violate our War Memorials and disrespect those who gave their lives for this country. It is understandable that people are angry and we have nothing but respect for local people who have gathered around their local War Memorials to protect them from BLM and Antifa thugs.

However, Patriotic Alternative believes that those calling for nationalists to go to London this weekend and face off with BLM and Antifa in Parliament Square are acting irresponsibly and are putting good-hearted people in jeopardy.

London is now a city where the white British are already a minority and the mayor is Muslim. What’s more, the Metropolitan Police have a long history of discriminating against nationalists who have been involved in peaceful protests. Nationalists not only face the prospect of being outnumbered in our capital, but also facing off with a police force who would happily side with the anti-white protestors.

By going to London and getting involved in what could turn out to be a violent conflict with BLM and Antifa nationalists would be playing into the hands of both the media and the anti-white establishment. Those nationalists attending this event would likely be ‘exposed’ by the media, violently assaulted by BLM and Antifa then arrested by the police for daring to defend themselves.

In recent memory we have seen how nationalists were treated both here in the UK at the Dover Protests and in the US in Charlottesville where the police gave the left a free pass to attack well-meaning nationalists and then arrested any nationalist who dared to fight back. This not only resulted in nationalists being injured, but also in many going to jail and losing their jobs. We simply do not want to see a repeat of those incidents which only served to damage our cause, ruin the lives of nationalists and also allowed the establishment to demonise us further.

Since the dust settled on these events many within our movement have concluded that events like these are honey traps used to ensnare well-meaning nationalists who want to make a difference.

If the events in London go ahead, and if they end in violence, we know what the media will say, we know how the police will react and we know how the courts will pass judgement upon nationalists who were involved. Do not get caught up in this potential honey trap.

Our response to these affronts against our people should always be local. By telling our enemies in the media, on the left, in BLM and in the police what our plans are in advance, we allow them to set traps for us and we potentially run the risk of allowing our actions to damage the movement and the lives of those who are part of the movement.

Please stay safe this weekend and do not play into the hands of the anti-white system.

The left and BLM are currently showing millions of white Britons exactly what the real aims of multiculturalism are, let them carry on waking people up and recruiting people to our cause!

Our time will come.