Stop Over Sharing

This one is for the ladies

If a repairman asks if you live alone: You: No i do not. And my husband is on his way home. (You can also ask for an id and call the company to confirm!)

Someone see you walking through your apartment’s parking lot and asks if you live there: No, i’m visiting my friend.

Cab driver/uber asks: Are you meeting friends? Know anybody in the city? Yes i am! They live here and i’m meeting up with them now.

Taking an cab/uber home: Use an address a few houses down from you or a block away.

Uber picking you up: “Who are you here to pick up?” Instead of “are you here to pick up whatever your name is

Traveling alone and someone asks why/if you need a ride: No, i’m staying with family and they are picking me up.

Don’t mistake friendly conversations. Protect yourself and be situationally aware of your surroundings.