Techniques for Lying

As bizarre it may sound lying does require techniques, for it to work. Strong credible aligation can bring down almost anyone, which make lying a learn skilled, for anyone reliant on it. All liars uses these techniques to different degrees.

Dumming it up or saying it never happened is the most common technique these people use. Another technique to covering the truth is simply by responding to a question in emotion, rather than locial wording.

Another technique use by liars, is to write everything as a rumor, when it is said against you. Or they use a straw man, like was mentioned earlier. Sometimes they’ll throw insults to who ever is questioning a lie, to either discredit them from asking, or to shift negative emotional feelings. They can also do this by questioning, your motive, with the numb.

Invoking authority as said before is another way for liars, like to lie. They might mention a name of something you know, or do not know about. The could also refer back to rules in an arguments, where the rules aren’t even enforceable. There are also time where they will mention the news, and what is current and going on.

Coming halfway clean is another trick liars use, they admit they are honest but don’t admit to the severity of the damage the caused. They might make an apology that is over the top, but use this apology as away, to distract from them not doing much to fix the situation. Sometimes if they are in a position of power, they’ll step down, as to avoid public confrontation.

Another trick liars will do is the over complexity, they’ll help investigate and give answers to a devious thing that they have done. Even if they make the crime not look so complex, they can also use over complexity, to misguide when stating what situation is happening. They can always talk about how a situation was too complex, or to chaotic to know the best answer was, so they made a mistake. However in all of these case, being involved with the investigation process, whether its for show or control.