Telegram through the Onion Router

The onion router, TOR, is a SOCKS proxy that will encrypt your internet traffic, bounce it across three different nodes, and then return that data back to you in an encrypted fashion so that only you can read it.

If you aren’t using the Tor browser already it is highly recommended. Do not use Tor with your social media or other accounts linked to your identity but do use it for everything else especially if you don’t want to be tracked or targeted.

You can run most applications through tor as well. Telegram is one such application, here’s how…

  1. Start the tor service on your device
  2. Go Telegram Settings —> Advanced
  3. Click “Connection Type”
  4. Select “Use custom proxy”
  5. Select Type as SOCKS5 Hostname as Port as 9150
  6. Save and you’re finished!

Now all of your Telegram traffic will be routed through Tor.