The Days of Minor Rogation

Rogationtide, Sunday, and the three days before the Ascension, are four days of solemn procession to invoke the mercy of God. In which the Litany of the Saints, and other Litanies are sung. Processions around the village and parish, blessing them was a tradition. As well as blessing the fields and gardens in rural areas.

Gather your family and make a procession around your garden and livestock, or just your property and house. Carry a cross and pray the Litany of the Saints. Scatter Holy Water, and put blessed salt across your doorways, and driveways that no evil may enter your home. If you can have the priest come, if he has time he could join your procession, if not he can at least bless your land.

These are the days of Minor Rogation. The day of Major Rogation was April 25th.