The German Submarine Fleet Is Proud of Having Built for the Führer, in Another Part of the World, a Shangri-La Land, an Impregnable Fortress

In one of Karl Dönitz speeches, he claimed that “the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress”. However, Dönitz’s speeches leave enough clues to cause one to suspect that a whole chapter from World War II has been purposely suppressed. Adolf Hitler himself stated on 13 March 1945 that “We still have things that need to be finished, and when they are finished, they will turn the tide.” In 1944, Dönitz went on to announce that : “The German Navy will have to accomplish a great task in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places in the oceans and therefore it will be very easy to bring the Führer to a safe place, should the necessity arise, and in which he will have the opportunity to work out his final plans.”