The importance of Trust!

As a key for our struggle, you need to understand how important building real trust is in the movement and with fellow compatriots.

Without trust, your movement cannot function as a whole, I believe in centralized power.

Without a stable foundation of trust will leave you with disorganized individuals rather than a team/brothers.

As the light of the movement, you need to be able to create an environment that fosters trust.

When your people feel that they are dependent on and that they can depend on their compatriots, a wide range of benefits can occur.

You will be able to handle difficult situations with ease.

These are the biggest attributes to help you socialize in finance and in the movement.
And most importantly loyalty to our blood.

These attributes are natural to everyone with correct discipline, although we all have different goals i belive we all strive for a common goal of a strong and white European identity.

Trust is something really hard to show especially nowadays , but to succeed we have to put our feet down first.