The Modern Pagan Needs to Be More Than What His Ancestors Were

The modern pagan needs to be more than what his ancestors were. In classical pagan times, society was divided into castes, where the warriors and priests, who had the closest connection to the divine, were in the minority. This division continued into christian times as well, only it is likely those two castes were replaced, by more loyal subjects to the church, but I digress. My point is few, most of us come from simple lineages of simple people, mere farmers, mere workers, mere cattle herders.

Now is a different time. Our ancestors had the guarantee of owning weapons to defend themselves, being also defended by pagan warriors and being guided through the ins and outs of their religion by pagan priests. We do not have that in the present day. Christians speak of the temptation of the devil, but to us the tempation of the devil is converting to an abrahamic religion, where everything is laid out for us and we can just relax, up to a certain point.

The modern day pagan needs to be an (amateur) historian. He needs to understand the history of his own people, their origin, their struggles, why and when they converted to an abrahamic religion, and their relationship with it.

The modern day pagan needs to be partly a folklorist, for even “mere” folklore is an important part of who we are.

The modern day pagan needs to be a geneticist. Recent genetic data has largely proven what is commonly known as the Aryan Invasion, what gave us the languages we speak and a large part of our ethnic religions and customs.

The modern day pagan needs to be a linguist. He needs to understand where his language came from and how it was shaped into what it is today. In comparative mythology, much is learned about many gods by doing nothing but learning about the origins of their names.

The modern day pagan needs to be a theologian. His understanding of religion must encompass not only his own, but also other branches of paganism and the abrahamic religions who despise us so much.

The modern day pagan needs to be a warrior and a survivalist. Training in an efficent martial art (boxing, MMA, wrestling) as well as in other manners of warfare is a must. We need to be men, and the first step to being one is knowing how to defend oneself. Cushy capitalism has lulled us in a false sense of security, but all societies are four meals away from complete anarchy. Even in so-called civilized society, there are people out there who despise you due to your religion or ethnic origin, or who just want to hurt you and those close to you for the cheap thrills. Furthermore, we need to know how to survive as best we can in the wild. Knowledge of plants, animals, hunting and so on are imperative.

The ideal for the modern pagan man is a mixture between a soldier and a Renaissance polymath.

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