The reason the left is rapid firing off legislation, destruction, and political wins is almost zero pushback

For the last 4 years the formula was easy as 1, 2, 3.

1: Use paid leftists or just social media to push a progressive topic.
2: Use analytics to see who is driving the resistance on social media.
3: Make up an excuse or just straight up purge those people.

Rinse and repeat until the right wing reactionary accounts are purged. Doesnt matter if theh are kike, white, black, etc. Doesn’t even matter if they are controlled opposition. Theh are wiping out command and control as it forms and using the threat of economic warfare to silence the normies.

To these elites, our near silence and at most grumbling acceptance seems like a success. But ammunition and weapon sales point to a different story. There is no political solution is near mainstream. Threepers used to be the old version of fedposting. They were rare and paranoid. Now its the default conservative opinion aside from irrelevant NRA boomers.

The enemy spends a ton of time and money demoralizing you. Making you think your views are fringe and you are all alone, and you’d better keep your opinions to yourself or everyone will hate you and you’ll lose your job. You don’t have to roman salute your coworkers, but you’d be shocked how much support you’d get if you simply asked a leftist you meet “why do you hate white people?” Or “no, I don’t hate my race so I don’t agree with that view”, or even “why are whites the only people not allowed a homeland?”.

Ever ignore a spoiled brat? It drives them insane and makes them be more and more dramatic in order to illicit a response. The left is getting worse because white people are saying “I’m done with you. I tried to reason with you. But you are openly calling for the genocide of my people, brainwashjng of my children, poisoning and enslaving of my family, and requiring me to bow before niggers instead of god. Its time to buy food, ammo, and a shovel. Good day to you.”

And thats not fringe telegram. Its in the minds of whites everywhere who are even remotely right wing. This needs to be broken to everyone on the Dissident Right. The Real Truth. There is no Good or Bad Side in War.

If you win, you defended yourself and have the patience of a Saint. If you lose, you started it, you like to torture puppies in your spare time, btw you’re now Slaves and the world will laugh at your Hell.

Stop Moralizing. Stop trying to be the "good guy’. Good guys get pushed into cattle cars and worked to death by some smug Commissar. Good Guys get lined up against a Wall and have their skulls emptied by a Brass cartridge.

Good guys plead and beg for their rights from people who would love to have the power to openly kill you and your Families.

You want to win? Stop Moralizing. Stop begging, Stop pleading. Stop groveling. Form community and when the Mob comes to your neck of the woods, with no law in sight. Do what needs to be done. Unless you want your kids to live in South Africa.

Don’t believe me? Still want your daily dose of Cope? The Book “White Fragility” is now the best selling Book in this country. You Better believe that’s now the American version of Mao’s Red Book. Even if it’s Bourgeois AF! District attorney’s are disbanding police all the while charging you for not wanting to get killed in your homes by ‘peaceful protesters’ that just so happened to peacefully stab you.

Non-White’s only want what’s best for them; they’ll rob you, rape you, kill your kids in front of you, burn your house down because they feel entitled to do so.

Upper Class White’s who’ve never worked a day in their lives want to posit political expediency and promote leftism as their get out of jail free card. They want to have their cake and eat it too as it’s your Home-town that’s flooded with Terrorists and they get to stay in their warm beds, feeling good about themselves because they called you a “rAcIsT”.

The Upper Class and Elites view all of us as Insects to be used up and thrown away. The Non-working dregs and Parasites want to steal what’s left of your American day-dream and have been given authority to do so.

That leaves you, the Working American, the Working White American with hands down zero representation. It’s not going back to normal, it’s just going away. These people are out for Blood.

Stop Pretending you can vote your way out of this.

Stock Ammo, Food, Water and NETWORK!

By Fall to this upcoming Winter, this Nation may very well collapse. And from it, there will be Genocide. But this time, no-one will care, because it will be happening to you!

“If the law will not be enforced equally across the board, it is a moral imperative to Balkanize the country into new nations that reflect that disparity”

A gentle way to introduce racial separation as a moral imperative to the normie.