The State and the Economy Are Means to an End, and at the Moment That End Is That Same State and Economy

If you can explain this point to your normie Liberal friends and colleagues, do so. The state and the economy are means to an end, and at the moment that end is that same state and economy. But this plan wasn’t chosen by you.

If you have ever made claims about how the rich elites are self serving and will tread on the working people, why they destroy the environment endlessly for the sake of their greed, why having healthcare is treated like a business, why there are homeless natives but your government prefers to import and house more Africans and Arabs at your expense - why no life, being, god, nor land is too disposable for their greed - this is why.

National Socialism offered the only answer to this problem, namely that all previous systems had this matter the wrong way around. The state is a means to an end, and to pursue itself as that end would lead to devouring itself. The end is your people, your health, your wellbeing, your prosperity and your future. A state makes no sense any other way.