The Ten Commandments for Choosing a Spouse Published by the Reich Committee for Public Health

While in earlier times, the emphasis of instruction on choosing a spouse was essentially placed on the health of the individual future spouse and warned against marriages with those afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases or with other contagious diseases, the National Socialist State must fundamentally place in the foreground the question of hereditary health, and not only physical, but also intellectual and emotional health.

In addition, it is necessary to take the considerations of selection for choosing a spouse into account in order to achieve really well-selected, racially worthy, hereditary healthy, children-rich, families. For the National Socialist state, it is self-evident that in this process, certain improbable factors have to be considered because the last things cannot be weighed, measured, or counted.

The Reich Committee for the National Health Service together with the Reich Ministry of the Interior, the Reich Office of Health, and the NSDAP Office for Racial Policy, published Ten Commandments for choosing a spouse. They are:

1. Remember that you are German

Everything that you are is not of your own merit, but rather through your nation. Therefore, for everything that you do, think whether it is beneficial to your nation. The common good comes before self-interest.

2. If you are hereditarily healthy, you should not remain unmarried

Everything that you are, all the characteristics of your body and mind are transitory. They are an inheritance, a gift from your ancestors. They live on in you in an unbroken chain. Whoever, without a compelling reason, remains unmarried, will break the chain of the race. Your life is only a transient occurrence; family and nation will continue to exist. Mental and physical genetic make-up will celebrate its resurrection in your children.

3. Keep your body pure

Maintain the health that has been given to you by pure parents in order to be able to serve your nation. Take care not to play with it needlessly and lightly. A moment’s pleasure can permanently destroy your health and genetic make-up, a curse for you, your children, and grandchildren. What you demand of your future partner you must also demand of yourself. Remember that you are a German progenitor.

4. You should keep your mind and spirit pure

Maintain the aptitudes that you have; become what you can be according to your aptitudes. Preserve your talents and use them to the best of your ability. Keep from your intellect and mind everything that is inwardly foreign to you; that is contrary to your kind; that your conscious forbids you. prospects of money and property, prospects of more quickly getting ahead, prospects of pleasure often tempt us to forget this.

5. As a German, choose only a spouse of same or Nordic blood.

Where aptitude matches aptitude, harmony will reign. Where dissimilar races mix, there will be discord. The mixing of races that do not match each other (bastardization), frequently leads in the life of people and nations to degeneration and downfall. Beware of decline; keep away from those of foreign races of non-European origin.

6. In choosing your spouse, ask about his/her ancestors

You are not just marrying your spouse alone, but also the ancestors. Worthy descendants can only be expected from worthy ancestors. Gifts of reason and mind are an inherited trait just as eye and hair color. A good person can carry in himself germs (genetic make-up) that will turn into misfortune for his children. Therefore, never marry the one good person from a bad family. If you are unsure, request a genetic biological family chart. There is nothing more valuable in the world, than the seeds of noble blood. No medical art can change rotten genetic material.

7. Health is a requirement also for physical beauty

Health offers the best protection for lasting happiness, for it is the perquisite for beauty and mental stability. Ask your future partner to undergo a medical examination for worthiness of marriage, as you yourself should do.

8. Marry only for love

Money is a transient possession and does not bring lasting happiness. Where the divine spark of love is missing, happiness cannot thrive. The riches of the heart and mind are the best safeguard for lasting happiness.

9. Seek a companion, not a playmate

Marriage is not a temporary game between two people, but rather a lasting bind that is of great importance for the life of the individual as well as the entire nation. The purpose of marriage is the child and raising descendants. Only among mentally, physically, and racially homogeneous people can this ultimate goal be achieved to benefit out yourself and your nation, for every race has its own soul.

10. You should wish for as many children as possible

Only with three or four children is the continuance of the nation ensured. Only with a large number of children will the existing aptitudes of the group manifest themselves in the greatest possible number and diversity. No two children are exactly alike; each child inherits different aptitudes from its ancestors. Many worthy children raise the value of the nation and are the best safeguard for its continuation. Your nation will live forever!