Types of Raiders and Trolls

There are many different types of raiders and trolls when it comes to the internet. Just like how working in teams was previously mentioned, so is it true that they each have different roles in their raiding team. The main character people see are saboteurs. These are people who mostly just report your stuff or try to destroy whatever you are working on. Usually these people are quieter, unlike provocateur.

Provocateurs are the more flamboyant trolls, who try and get emotional reactions out of the people they are trying to control. They might be friendly and personal, or some are very outspoken, to the point of causing fighting to distract from the real effort going on. Sometimes they instate violence, or even more cunning, they’ll provoke arguments, fights, and other disagreements amongst other members.

Another type of character we see trying to take down groups, or people are informants. People there just to collect information, on an existing, to send back somewhere else. Usually they stay low key, but always want to be involved in the activity you do. They’ll usually ask a lot of questions to members in a group.

Another technique these trolls use is the process of recruitment. What these misguides recruit for varies, but usually if it too good to be true it usually is. If someone is overly pressuring, you join something you don’t feel safe with. Just avoid their operation.

There are also surveyors, people who are on the prowl for new pages, to raid and dox. This is why it’s better to be kind of cryptic with what you post. Social media companies have bots for these, but trolls who have no life actually put in an effort at this. Let’s make it challenging.

However, this process takes a lot of work.