Types of Spies


Some saboteurs pretend to be activists. She or he will ….

  1. Write encyclopedic flyers (in the present day, websites)

  2. Print flyers in English only.

  3. Have demonstrations in places where no one cares.

  4. Solicit funding from rich people instead of grass roots support

  5. Display banners with too many words that are confusing.

  6. Confuse issues.

  7. Make the wrong demands.

8)Could Compromise the goal.

9)Have endless discussions that waste everyone’s time. The agent may accompany the endless discussions with drinking, pot smoking or other amusement to slow down the activist’s work.


  1. Want to establish “leaders” to set them up for a fall in order to stop the movement.

  2. Suggest doing foolish, illegal things to get the activists in trouble.

  3. Encourage militancy.

  4. Want to taunt the authorities.

  5. Attempt to make the activist compromise their values.

  6. Attempt to instigate violence. Activism ought to always be non-violent.

  7. Attempt to provoke revolt among people who are ill-prepared to deal with the reaction of the authorities to such violence.


  1. Want everyone to sign up and sing in and sign everything.

  2. Ask a lot of questions (gathering data).

  3. Want to know what events the activist is planning to attend.

  4. Attempt to make the activist defend him or herself to identify his or her beliefs, goals, and level of commitment.


Legitimate activists do not subject people to hours of persuasive dialog. Their actions, beliefs, and goals speak for themselves.

Groups that DO recruit are missionaries, military, and fake political parties or movements set up by agents.


ALWAYS assume that you are under surveillance.