Unite or Die

Are you a Neonazi?

Stop Larping so fucking hard. Keep the 88, by all means, but grow some fucking hair and wear some respectable clothes. Say intelligent things, don’t just repeat chants about Skypes all day like broken record. And please leave the props at home, no one thinks your flags make you look tough or imposing. HAVE SUBSTANCE.

Are you a Fascist?

You’re likely a Fascist because you either hate the uneducated Neonazis, or you’re virtue-signalling on race and the JQ. Drop the bullshit. Be the most respectable National Socialist you can be. Be a leader for the pig-headed fuckwits who embarrass us all. Motivate them to be better. But for Gods sake, get a grip on the reality of Race and JQ.

Are you a Christian ‘Traditionalist’?

Understand that NOTHING you dream about in your Idealistic World will happen without the WILL TO POWER. Sometimes a hammer needs to be swung…jacking off to Gothic Cathedrals won’t stop the Islamic Horde from erecting Mosques. You want a Crusade? Okay, stop waiting for the fucking Pope to call it. Just do it.

Are you a Neopagan?

Fine, you have Warrior Gods. I think its about time to follow them into Battle. The Christians don’t have the power to forcibly convert you, so let’s focus our energies on more immediate threats. Step one is setting down the mead horn and picking up the Axe.

Are you a :b:ig :b:rained Evolian?

War is our Prayer. Stop being an intellectual…be a Warrior. You have within you to be a Hero, all you need is courage.

Are you a Anarcho-Capitalist?

You have no concept of power, thus you will never aquire the power to implement your hyper-Liberal Utopia. Ancap is a fun thought experiment, but you need to grow the fuck up and put on your jackboots.

Are you a Libertarian/Constitutionalist?

You’ve been Tread upon you stupid motherfucker. I’m pretty sure that when you step on snek, it bites back. Your government doesn’t follow the Constitution. When a contract is broken, then the contract is void. Its time to follow the lead of the Founding Fathers and say “Fuck this Shit”. Come on, you’re invited to the party.

Are you a White Nationalist/Identitarian?

Cool. So are you just afraid of being called a Nazi? Seriously, you’re being a fucking coward. Just be honest with yourself. We both know that the System is rigged against us…let’s look to the system specifically tailored for us. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of '39, there are things we want to change too. But you need to stand with your allies, and that is us. So get in formation.

Are you an Alt-Righter?

Everyone has a good laugh at your memes, but aren’t you tired of being laughed at? Isn’t it time that our political enemies start quivering in fear? Isn’t victory a better shitpost? Its time to stop waiting for happenings, and to start making things happen.

Are you an Alt-Liter?

Aren’t you sick of virtue signalling to the Left? God they think you’re a Nazi anyways; stop being a fucking bitch. Grow a pair of balls, and accept reality as it is. Take the damn red pill already.

Are you a White Normie?

You can hate us if you want to. Just stay out of our way. Everything we do is for your unappreciative ass.

Look at that, united af.