Using a Splitter to Block off Taps

Concerned that someone may be listening in to your cell phone’s microphone without your permission?

There are countless spy programs out there to allow others to remotely listen in on your phone at any time.

If you’re using Android and carelessly install apps you are at greater risk for this sort of spying.

But most of us are vulnerable to the spying capabilities of the alphabet soup agencies of both foreign and domestic governments.

In the event you think that your device may be, or may become compromised, it is advised to desolder the microphone within your device.

From there you can purchase a splitter like this: (

Then purchase a lapel microphone like this…

Plug in your head phones and you’re ready to go. Now any time you don’t want to be spied on simply remove the splitter from your headphone jack on your phone. Since your internal mic is gone you’re safe.

Note: There may also be a microphone specifically for your camera when recording videos.