If power is the perception that you can make things happen, warmth is the perception that you will use that power for the good of others. Warmth, like presence, is hard to fake. We can appear polite with manners and a smile, but warmth comes from a deeper place than being pleasant. Most of us notice when we are in the presence of someone who has genuine affection for us.
Since we can’t fake warmth, we must remove the barriers to feeling genuine warmth for others. The biggest barrier may be a lack of warmth toward ourselves. This is typical when we attach more credibility to the negative thoughts, we have than the positive ones. A quick and helpful practice to develop warmth, according to Cabane, is to close your eyes and envision someone who would have great affection for you. This might be a historical figure like Jesus or Gandhi, or someone closer to home, like a grandparent or even a loving pet. Feeling their warmth and total acceptance can help you share those feelings with those around you.