Warning to all who use an iPhone!

I have received information that Apple is planning to remove the Telegram app from the App Store and even have the existing Telegram app on all devices deleted via remote maintenance. Therefore, back up the app on your iPhone with the following steps, which I also show you above:

=> “Settings”
=> “Screen time”
=> “Restrictions”
=> activate button on top
=> “Purchases in iTunes and App Store”
=> change “Delete apps” to “Do not allow”.

Multiple sources suspect that Apple is planning on deleting the app Telegram from the AppStore entirely AND WILL REMOVE IT FROM YOUR PHONE via remote maintenance❗️
You can take preventative measures to prohibit the automatic deletion of apps:

  • Go to “settings”
  • Press “screen time”
  • Choose “content and privacy restrictions”
  • Activate the button at the top right
  • Then go to “iTunes and AppStore purchases”
  • DO NOT ALLOW your phone to delete apps automatically❗️