We are in the Twilight Hours Now

You should have already stocked up on food, now finish getting your seeds (potatoes and grains are highest priority), any garden needs you have. Get your water storage squared away while you’re at it. If you don’t have at least 3 months food, you will at the very least be forced to pay for drastically overpriced food and come in contact with infected just to get meager rationed food. At worst you will starve to death.

For “raider” types out there, I’ve never seen someone with food storage that didn’t also have rifles and plenty of ammunition. No such thing as an anti gun prepper. And for those who plan on gardening, without a small field of potatoes, corn, beans, or wheat; you will starve. Every possible square foot should be filled with high calorie foods. You need to actually research and calculate. Also consider canning needs. For those of you thinking you will hunt… During the great depression deer were almost driven to extinction, and the population was 1/4 it is now, and there was much more undeveloped land for deer to forage (higher deer population).

If by “panic” you mean prepare for a great depression, epidemic, and famine, then yes, the time to panic was when CNN was telling you China was entirely shut down for “it’s just the flu bro”. As in two months ago. In a week or two leaving your home and going anywhere to buy goods in crowded places will automatically guarantee you WILL catch it. And you WILL give it to your family, and you WILL be forced to see first hand if the government has been lying that somehow only boomers die from this.

For those of you who don’t know what it will be like, either starvation, dehydration, or CV will cause the same thoughts to run through your head. At first you will ignore it. You will bury yourself in your phone or tv. Then things will worsen. “It’s alright, things will be better tomorrow”. But it doesn’t. You’ll lay there dying slowly thinking someone will come save you or your family. You’ll frantically call or message friends or chain out cries for water/food/medical Care on social media. And the utterly useless “thoughts and prayers” will roll in.

And one last hope will come that “oh there’s gov handing out food/water/medical care over on this street!”. And you will rush there (if you even can) only to find out that thousands showed up but only the first 100 got it. Fights, violence, and hopelessness will pierce through that thin veneer of civilization you still believed in.

So you will go back home, and consider prayer, because only God can help you and your family. And perhaps he answers. The Bible says he will do these things to bring his peoples attention back to him.

Or maybe you become a statistic, like the millions who die in war, famines, or disease throughout history.

Or you could get off your ass and move. Get to work. There’s still seed potatoes and garden hoes on shelves. There’s even still seeds, soil, tarps, chickens available. There’s still massive 50lb bags of cracked corn for 10$ that could keep a person alive for almost two months. If you or your family die, it’s your fault and no one else’s.