We Asked Durov About Censorship and Telegram...Here is his answer

:one: Durov is obviously aware of the problem posed by Google and Apple, which form a “duopoly”.

:two: Durov considers that Apple and Google are much more dangerous than Twitter or Facebook. Because Google and Apple can simply ban applications from their stores. Twitter can “just” ban users.

:three: As such, Durov promptly advises to migrate from iOS to Android. Because even if Android isn’t perfect, at least you can install independent APKs.

:four: Telegram does not intend to comply with the censorship ultimatums of the AppStore and PlayStore. If ever Telegram is removed from these platforms, there will be two solutions:

:arrow_right: Telegram will share an “official” APK

:arrow_right: Telegram is working on a “browser” version of Telegram… for mobile! That is to say that Telegram will be usable without an application, optimized for phones. Telegram will thus become 100% independent of any store.