We’re not going to beat them on Twitter or Reddit or YouTube

We won’t beat them on the internet at all.

That fight is over.

They took what we’d built from us one at a time.

For years.

And we were completely and utterly powerless to stop them.

We couldn’t even pushback.

Now it’s time to build elsewhere. Make antifragile groups and families and clubs and brotherhoods and alliances.

Spread the word in ways that don’t require going through a Jewish gatekeeper.

Build meaningful bonds, marry, have a family, accumulate the social capital necessary to influence others and spend it like a nigger when that welfare check hits.

If you spend all day online building shit in their sandbox… of course the way forward looks grim.

This was always a convenience. We were always making hay while the sun shined. Our time here was always finite.

Pouring time into this shit day after day, post after post… until they take it from you—or worse—a bureaucrat with a badge shows up on your front door is such a waste of your talent. And, believe me, you ARE talented. You’re the last of the men and women willing to stand up and say no.

We need you out there struggling and fighting and triumphing.

Please, please, please use these uncertain times to really think about what you should be doing now.