Welcome to the Ministry of Homeschooled Education!

This channel intends to share and promote resources regarding homeschooling, statistics surrounding it and helping people facilitate that for their children.

Another aspect of the channel that we intend to pursue is the creation of a concise¹ and complete homeschooling guide, textbook and manual, covering all topics of education, from cartography, biology to firearms proficiency and economics. If successful in this, this book on it’s own should be able to teach your child everything they could ever need to know, if you had no access to other educational resources.

This needs not to be a replacement for standard education, schooling or curriculums, but as a support or secondary guide to use as a substitute or supplement with standard education; which we highly encourage to be homeschooling. Not only that but cover a range of educational fields that are neglected or completely skipped over by the standard education system; so that our children need not go without.
It may even be useful to straighten out and cut through the propaganda of the corrupt education system.

We invite you to join and help build with us in this endeavour that intends to help us and the future generations of White children.

“Education is our greatest opportunity to give an irrevocable gift to the next generation.”