What Is Prepping:

》It’s not just about the pantry - although you need to know you have enough to eat & drink;

》It’s not just about weapons - although you need to be able to defend yourself;

》It’s not just about health - although if you’re sick you won’t last long & your chances of survival is less, plus you become a burden to those around you;

》It’s not just about fitness - although you need to be able to be quick & quiet when the situation calls for it, & being unfit make it more difficult & strenuous to do so;

》It’s not just about skills - although that will come handy super fast: knowing how to defend yourself, knowing how to keep warm, etc. will always come in handy;

》It’s not just about knowledge - knowing what to do in what situation, how to forriage which plants & shrubs, how to self-medicate, etc. is always useful;

》It’s not about overcoming yourself - although in tough situations you need to know you can rely on yourself to persevere, exercise grit, practice self-discipline, etc.

Prepping is about ALL of these things… you cannot neglect one for the other. Balance is key.

Happy Prepping folks! - and remember, try to get the whole family involved.