Where Have Our Men Been While Feminism Wrought Havoc on Our Women?

There was a discussion this afternoon in group, in which the question was asked “where have our men been while feminism wrought havoc on our women?” It is Perhaps the greatest betrayal the Jews have committed, this trick.

Every small sacrifice our men have made, every power struggle in which they have surrendered (and they did surrender, make no mistake) was in the effort to please the life giver, lover and lady in their life. White men love with the same capacity with which they can hate; with the same ferocity that conquers entire countries and topples empires. And the Jews knew.

They knew the only real weapon they needed was one compromise after another for YOU; bc where were white men when feminism was wreaking havoc? Where were they when one small step at a time schools were re integrated, their unborn children were stripped of rights, the very essence of their masculinity was brought to shame? Loving you. The Jews used their love for you against them, and now you must use yours to save them from it.

Submit, be cherished, undo the darkness that has befallen the hearts and minds our men beneath the weight of such crushing betrayal. No longer betray your nature or theirs by searching for things beyond what is natural. Do not let the Jews win in this war for the hearts of our men. Do NOT be a weapon against them, for it is not weakness that has driven them down and away from us women. It’s their own capacity for love, the very strength of it being twisted against them.