White privilege?

If anyone has any doubt about whether or not white privilege exists, one must examine “justice” as it is carried out in Western countries. This, and paying attention to how the (((media))) presents these events to influence the national conversation, leaves little doubt as to where their nefarious motivations lie.

In our first example, we have a lifelong criminal who has spent most his adult life behind bars for various crimes that run the gamut from petty theft to armed robbery. He has not contributed to the system, he has never done anything positive for anyone - himself, his community, or his country. Yet, (((they))) represent him as a victim, as someone who should be deserving of your sympathy. Just another victim of society, his actions are not his own.

On the other hand, we have James Fields. A young man who was absolutely betrayed not only by the system that his forefathers helped build, but also by his own purported “leaders” who put him in a situation where he felt he needed to flee for his life. As we all know, someone died and her death was pinned on him. Even with him clearly fearing for his life, and video evidence that showed that he never even hit her with his car, he was handed 420 years without so much as a whisper of sympathy from anyone in the (((media))). On the contrary, the second his name became known after the initial car accident, he was slandered as a white supremacist neo-nazi scumbag who deserved every bit of punishment the system dealt him. And then they celebrated when the judgement came down.

And why do (((they))) do this? To make sure that any other White Man who has the urge to stand up and speak out against them, knows the consequences. To beat them down mentally to such a degree that the battle is won before it even starts. But, our brothers and sisters are finally waking up. You can only throw your blatant hatred for our race in our faces for so long before we understand that bargaining was never an option.

White privilege is a lie.

We are beautiful.