Wild Food and Foraging Some Ideas for Harvesting

The key thing about this briefing is that it’s not a “guide” to foraging and wild food – there’s plenty of them out there already, and we see no need to endlessly replicate this information. Instead we outline a framework for how you might learn more about wild food, develop your skills for food foraging, and most importantly finding ways to integrate your use of wild food within a more sustainable approach to planning your own ‘food system’. There are plenty of good books out there on wild food […] What we do in this guide is try and help you get your head around the process of collecting wild foods.

Motivations and practical limitations.

Learning to forage

Step 1 Pick your foraging area(s)

Step 2 Over a year or two walk your foraging area regularly and try to identify as much as you can

Step 3 Gradually begin to collect wild foods

Step 4 Learn to cook at home in order to develop preserving skills