Not Playing the Part

When people put employment, for their profile, one of the most common mistakes they make is putting self-employed. Even if you are self-employed, most people still put the name of the company own, on their profile. It’s very unnatural for people, just to put unemployment. The best thing to choose for employment, is finding a big business, with a lot of employees, close to the area the target is in. Resorts, tourist, and large companies are the best, since most employees don’t know everyone who works at their company.

Photos always make for interesting exploits. One thing important to do when looking at photos, for exploits, is keep in mind the location. Sometimes they are obvious like having palm trees, in the background and tagging the place as New Jersey. Sometimes they are more discrete, like jewelry, or items placed in the background, of a photo.

Having friends on a fake profile, is always a good idea. The problem is you need to make friends in your targets area. Sometimes times you can get a lot of information about a person, from their friends list. This is especially true if their friend list includes people who have profile that don’t seem normal but matches that of others in the fake friends list.

Timing is another problem people face. If the fake profile is too new, people will know right away the profile is fake.